I'm a guy I need sex tips this girl I'm talking to said I wasn't rough enough in bed. And idk what to really do.


its simple..depending on her hair type, you gotta find a way to get a good handful of that shit..dont yank it, but pull it with enough force to establish dominance…but thats basic stuff….

I’ll share one of my game winner secrets….if during sex, you’re doing missionary (which  is usually slept on) but if you do this, you’ll make her fall in love with this position…as you’re sliding it in….go slow, soft..make sure its in there good, and get a nice steady stroke going, warm it up….then in the midst of that, take your hand and apply pressure to her whole neck..dont choke her like you’re trying to cut off her breathing…just make her aware of how big and strong your hand is in comparison to her neck, while doing that, kiss her, deeply and passionately, while she’s caught up in that, slide your dick almost all the way out, then thrust it in there with some force that makes her gasp, and kiss her again in that moment…..boy shit, she’ll buy you jordans after that…

also when not having sex, just to add some thrill to things, when you kiss her, touch or hold her face/or grab her neck….girls like big strong hands, so keep her aware that you own a pair as much as possible lol

Exactly why doggy is only #2 on my list.